“It's not what you know. It's how you use what you know.” — Coach Mo

Fundamentals Academy works hard to develop the best athletes and coaches. Great coaching makes all the difference, especially in a young athlete’s life. The beginning years of athletic development are when successful habits are formed and learning the correct habits the first time sets you miles ahead of the competition.  Through our coaching, we imprint a strong foundation of fundamental skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance empowering students to be successful in sports and in life.

We offer team coaching in Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag-Football and Volleyball.

Our coaches are available for full seasons of practices and/or games, as well as clinics, camps and any sporting needs you may have.

Our Coaching Philosophy

  • Emphasize Fundamental skill development (dribbling, throwing, catching, fielding, cradling, ground ball dominance, shooting, passing, moving without the ball, defense, footwork, stamina, hand-eye coordination, rebounding and serving)
  • Discover the Athlete (always striving to compete at one's best)
  • Be Coachable (accept constructive advice through positive reinforcement)
  • Properly prepare mentally (hone concentration, focus and tenacity)
  • Become stronger, faster, quicker, smarter and better
  • Train to Transform Individuals into a Team 

Do you have a school team in need of an experienced coach? Or does your daughter or son have a group of friends that want to play and train together with a talented coach who has the correct approach to make learning fun? Fundamentals Academy coaches excel in transitioning a group of friends into teammates who perform exceptionally well as a unit. Based on our philosophy and history, our style of coaching will develop fundamentally intelligent and highly skilled students who value teamwork and learn to Discover The Athlete