“It's not what you know. It's how you use what you know.” — Coach Mo

Fundamentals Academy works hard to develop the best athletes and coaches. Great coaching makes all the difference, especially in a young athlete’s life. The beginning years of athletic development are when successful habits are formed.  It is vital to imprint a strong foundation of fundamental skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance empowering students to be successful in sports and in life.

We offer team coaching in Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag-Football and Volleyball.

Our coaches are available for full seasons of practices and/or games, as well as clinics, camps and more.

Our Coaching Philosophy

  • Emphasize Fundamental skill development (dribbling, throwing, catching, fielding, cradling, ground ball dominance, shooting, passing, moving without the ball, defense, footwork, stamina, hand-eye coordination, rebounding and serving)
  • Discover the Athlete (always striving to compete at one's best)
  • Be Coachable (accept constructive advice through positive reinforcement)
  • Properly prepare mentally (hone concentration, focus and tenacity)
  • Become stronger, faster, quicker, smarter and better
  • Train to Transform Individuals into a Team 

Do you have a school team in need of an experienced coach? Or does your daughter or son have a group of friends that want to play and train together with someone who knows that they are doing? Fundamentals Academy coaches excel in transitioning a group of friends into teammates who perform exceptionally well as a unit. Based on our philosophy and history, our style of coaching will develop fundamentally intelligent and skilled students who learn to Discover The Athlete