The Elite Athletes Program is for our FunZone graduates and motivated athletes 8+ that are looking to play the sport of their choice or multiple sports at an elite level. Through classes, camps and 1-on-1 sessions in Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Football and Swimming students will Master the Fundamentals and Discover the Athlete within. Our goal is to set our students apart based on their elite conditioning, skill-set and teamwork.

• To dribble, pass, shoot, defend & more in each sport
• Rules to play each sport
• Team skills and strategies (offense & defense)
• How to make in-game adjustments
• How to utilize your strengths and stamina (to outwork opponents)

ELITE ATHLETE CLASSES  Meet weekly at the same time and location for the entire season in the sport of your choice. Classes will focus on conditioning and learning a specific skill that students will practice in drills and game-like settings. Each class builds upon the previous class empowering students to develop into confident, well-conditioned, highly skilled team contributors.

ELITE ATHLETE CAMPS  We offer one day, and week long camps in all sports. Through an intensive day/week of skill development, students are immersed in the fundamentals. All drills, workouts, stations, skills competition, guest speakers and games are geared towards motivating students to develop the proper mental and physical approach to succeed in sports.  

1-on-1 ELITE ATHLETE SESSIONS  1-on-1 athletic training is a great opportunity for players to develop at an accelerated rate. Through being mentored by our coaches, each lesson is designed specifically to the student. This enables players to develop the proper skills, physical and mental toughness to overcome obstacles, and succeed in pressure situations. Students develop into well-rounded, highly conditioned athletes that are major team contributors.