Team Coaching

Reap the benefits of our dynamic, experienced coaches and witness your group of friends turn into a team. 

"The Academy coaches excel at helping any team succeed through building team chemistry, developing skills and preparing for game situations. I would recommend them to anyone as they have helped our team succeed year after year. "

— Guy Raz of Washington D.C.



We offer team coaching for basketball, soccer, lacrosse, flag football and baseball. We fit every team’s needs and goals, from a full suite of services and equipment. Let us customize an experience that works best for your team.



What is Academy Team Coaching?

We provide teams with coaching in practice and/or games. We create the practice schedule with feedback from parents to focus on individual as well as team skills and strategies. We help players develop their skill-set, sports IQ and unite into a cohesive team.

Our Recent Championship Teams

  • 4th Grade Girls Wolfhounds Basketball (2018)

  • 3rd Grade Jelleff Boys Basketball (2018)

  • 2nd Grade Pilots Boys Baseball (2018)

  • 6th Grade Softball (2018)

About Team Coaching

Q: I have a group of friends/classmates and they have never played an organize sport. Can you help with there school soccer team? 

A: Yes, we specialize in helping friends learn how to work together as a team. Utilizing the strengths of the each player to create a well balanced team. 

Q: Do you provide coaching for girls teams? 

A: Of course! We provide team coaching for girls teams for all sports and we are strong supporters for the growth of ladies athletics.


Q: Can you provide a coach for practices, but the parents coach the games?

A: Yes, we can provide practice coaching and help prepare the parents to coach the games. 

Q: Can you provide practice facilities for us? 

A: Yes, we can identify and secure indoor and outdoor practice facilities. Indoor facilities will have a rental fee. 

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